The World Debut of Folk Rap: The Mixtape

Folk Rap the Mixtape The Living Wells Album Cover

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing our second album, Folk Rap: The Mixtape.  DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM FOR FREE HERE.  And enjoy life with meaningful music.

The Epic Video!

Yes, that was a lot of make-up and a lot of green screens.  But it was absolutely worth it.  Enjoy the highest budget production we have ever been a part of.

TLW 2.0

Living Wells Folk Rap Teaser

Well this has been a long time coming.  The follow-up to our debut album is around the corner.  Don't forget to sign up to our email list on the right side of the website to be the first to hear about the FREE RELEASE of the album.

Big things are coming soon...

Stay tuned for some very exciting (video related) news!  And look forward to a whole slew of new music coming this fall.

In the dark I light the spark to enlighten you

The Living Wells Chanukah Concert Poster

Jerusalemites!  Announcing our first show in Israel that's open to the public.  Come down for some light in the darkness as we play to an intimate crowd off of Ben Yehuda Street.  Click here for more details.

Life keeps on going after this song's done...

Well that was crazy!  After five cities in ten days (with some holidays mixed in for good measure), we're really glad we came to the US for our fall tour, but we're equally glad that it's over.  Thank you to everyone who turned out for the shows and especially those who helped to promote them.  Now it's back to the studio to bring you some new inspired tracks.  Stay tuned!

Fall Tour Announced!

The Living Wells Fall Tour Poster

We've made it official... our first US tour!  We'll be in the States for a short while, and we have collaborated with some incredible venues to bring you five great shows over ten days.  See our calendar section for more information, and visit the page often as we continually update details for the shows.

Just Begin, Throw Caution to the Wind

What happens when an unusually gifted film director collaborates with The Living Wells for a music video?  Pure.  Magic.  Enjoy this beautiful, visual journey through "The Process."


Where Lyrics Come to Life

We couldn't resist when computer maven Jake Binstein offered to make a typography video for "The Spark."  Maybe now you'll catch at least half of the profound lines in this wisdom-packed song!


I see plants sprout from the cracks of the Western Wall

Here's a moving lyric video in honor of the Jewish holiday Shavuot, marking the day that the Torah was given.  Shavuot begins Saturday night, May 23.


Download the first single for free!

We love our first single "Flicker" so much we're giving it away.  Just hit the "download" button" and follow the instructions.  Then start flying like the wind...

War - what is it good for? makes you bigger than when you came

We are proud to share with you the brand new music video for "Flicker," the first single of our album.  Thank you to Isaac Shrem and Itai Joseph for helping us film this one in the Jerusalem forest.  And thank you to the students of Machon Yaakov for coming out to help with the shoot!

I don't create, I reveal what already exists

We were just hangin' out, drinking iced coffees on a summer day, and before we knew it, we were in the middle of a full-blown, spontaneous a cappella rap.  Good thing we had two HD cell phones to capture the moment!

Without the scales, you'll never be a Mozart

We took to the streets to gauge people's reaction to the Living Wells' powerful lyrics.  See the responses we had when we approached random strangers in Jerusalem.

The Living Wells Album Has Been Released!!!

Debut Album Cover by The Living Wells

The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived.  Our debut album is available for purchase here:

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"You say there's no life after the tomb, but was there no life after the womb?"

A few months ago we shot this teaser for the album, containing a part of the song "After 120."  You can stream the full song on our website.


"There's no shortcuts or saving some time, realize the view is only as great as the climb"

Several months ago we raised over $6000 on Kickstarter to create an album.  It's been many hundreds of hours and lots of hard work, but it's all about to pay off.  See our Kickstarter website here: 

Moshe Friedman's Album: Why can't music change the world?